Las Vegas Spiritual Life Coach Jaclyn Costello


I don’t live near you, but I want to work with you. Do you Skype or talk over the phone?

Yes, I work with people all over the world. Finding the best match should be your top priority, so if you feel a resonance with me, I encourage you to move forward despite your geographical location. My primary residence is in Las Vegas, Nevada where I meet either in my home office or healing space, or at a park (for those who prefer the added healing benefit of nature!) Visits to your home or office can also be arranged.

How often do we speak?

On average, I meet with my clients (via phone sessions or in person) on a weekly basis so that I can best help them integrate the changes they are making, and they have complete access to support when they need it. Some people prefer more frequent contact, others less. It all depends on what you’re looking to achieve.

Regardless of how frequently we meet, you’ll need to take steps in your life to create change. I often provide between-session actions, meditations, or ‘experiments’ to keep clients on track. Clients are always welcome to text or e-mail me between sessions to share thoughts, questions, concerns, or accomplishments with me.


100%. Your information, correspondence, and our private conversations will remain confidential and safely guarded. If I am working with a couple or family, the information shared by one person will not be shared with the other(s).

Who is a typical client?

Anyone who desires more out of life.

I will say this: I am consistently blown away by how amazing the people are who contact me.

How does this work with my religion?

I work with clients from all sorts of religious and non-religious backgrounds. Your beliefs will always be respected, and you won’t be asked to change them at any point during our relationship. However, if you are interested in exploring new spiritual understandings, I’m here to expand awareness with you.

Do you accept credit and debit cards?

Yes. Once you’ve selected a session or package on the Contact & Offerings Page, you will be directed to a secure page where you’ll have the option of completing your purchase ‘Paypal to Paypal’ or with your credit or debit card. Whatever method you choose, the purchase will appear as ENLIGHTENLC on your statement.

Is this like therapy?

My guidance style does not dwell on your past or give you a psychological diagnosis. Instead, we’ll focus on what’s occurring now, inside you and all around you, as well as what steps you need to take to create the future you desire. I will not suggest medications or handle clients with severe psychological disorders.

If, during our sessions, there are deeply-rooted issues that need examination and reflection before we move on, I am happy to explore those issues with you. But if at any time I feel that you require care from a licensed health care practitioner, I will kindly help you find someone who can best treat your needs.

For how long will you be my guide?

For as long as you’d like me to be. Some people hire guides/coaches with the belief that after they’ve accomplished a specific goal, their time with their coach will be complete, but more people are discovering how valuable it is to continue working with a guide throughout the years. The possibilities for your life are limitless, and after you achieve your initial desires, more opportunities will open up for you. You will set new goals, create new dreams, and face new challenges.

Are you available for guest speaking and retreats?

Yes. To inquire about guest speaking and uniquely designed retreats, please click here.

Are the photographs on your website of ‘real’ people or stock photos?

Aside from the pictures of me (which were taken by friends), 95% of the photographs on my website are either pictures I took or are pictures of clients (given to me by clients.) The remaining pictures are artwork, memes, or famous images from public domain.

Do you guarantee results?

Like any relationship, our relationship will only work if we are both committed. You must be ready to create change, and I will be here to guide and support you. Because results lie largely within the work done by you, it would be impossible and unethical of me to place a guarantee on results. That said, I do promise to provide you with the strategies, support, clarity, motivation, and direction you need to achieve your most longed-for dreams.

I’ll say this too—when my clients sincerely absorb my insights, listen to their own internal guidance, and apply the changes they know are necessary, they see their lives flourish in remarkable ways.

Spiritual Life Coach Jaclyn Costello

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